The guitar:
Richwood RD-12-BK

It is a beginners guitar, but it plays and sounds great.
Strings are a standard set 0.12.
If you are a beginner. try this one.

The Idea's
for his songs

Most idea's are taken from his own experiences in his peronal life.

His music

As said before John Small is a singer songewriter who was inspired by Johnny Cash
When he saw the movie Walk the line, he knew he wanted to play guitar and write songs.
He gets his idea's mostly from his own personal life.
His look on life and also his empathy for things makes that he can write songs about the misery in life.
His imagination makes him to realy feel the pain and sorrow, but also the joy and happiness.


Click on the images to see the full size.
The images below, are old images that were made in the period John was a DJ.


Available soon...

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